Jem TM

Little is known about the mysterious and beautiful rock singer simply known as Jem. Lead singer of famous rock band JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, the glamorous pink haired diva and her band mates made their debut at Eric Raymond’s battle of the bands opposite rival band The Misfits. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS won the contest and grew a huge fan base in the process.

Jem is in fact a pure fantasy, a holographic projection generated by JERRICA BENTON with the help of a high-tech artificial intelligence computer named SYNERGY. Disguised as Jem, JERRICA BENTON is able to lead the double life of music executive and foster home care taker by day and rock singer by night. The Jem hologram is projected using special micro projectors hidden in Jerrica’s special Jemstar earrings.

The air of mystery surrounding Jem's true identity is part of her charm and certain fans (and her main rival, Pizzazz of the Misfits) have become obsessed with trying to discover her real identity, which has led JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS through all sorts of exciting adventures through the years. Today Jem is as famous as ever, although no one ever wonders why she never seems to age!