Astral Eldrich


Meet talented magician, illusionist and good friend of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, ASTRAL ELDRICH! A smart and talented performance artist, ASTRAL dazzles dumbfounded audiences with her amazing tricks and illusions while adding a little mysterious fun to their performances whenever she joins JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS on tour! The central character of the season three JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS episode titled "That Old Houdini Magic",ASTRAL ELDRICH captured every fan's heart with her enchanting bag of tricks!

Produced for the first time in doll form, ASTRAL comes dressed in a meticulously reproduced TV-show inspired costume. The fabric of her long magical jacket was precisely custom screen-printed to match her signature "lava-lamp" print as seen on the hit 80's TV series as closely as possible. But wait! ASTRAL has more than one trick up her sleeve and she's ready to wow her fans with her magic hat, golden handcuffs (now you can lock KIMBER BENTON anD RAYA ALONSO together, just like on TV... ASTRAL can come to the rescue!) and a full deck of miniature cards! A doll stand is also included.

Ultra limited edition adult collectible 12-inch / 1:6 scale fashion doll. For adult collectors ages 14 and up only. This doll is now sold out.