The Holograms Stage Essentials

THE HOLOGRAMS Stage Essentials Accessory Pack

JEM fans and collectors alike have been asking for fashion and more show-specific accessories to go along with their growing JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS collection. Here again, the Integrity Toys design team delivers! With these cool sets, you will definitely be able to set the stage to some truly outrageous displays in your collection!

Each set comes with a band-themed bomber jacket, which pays homage to the special offer jacket that was available with the original line, a rockin' guitar case, three glittery guitar straps, color variations of some of the most requested musical instruments of the series, including KIMBER BENTON's stand up synth, and various other accessories that will both amaze and delight die hard fans!

Ultra limited edition adult collectible designed to be used with 12-inch / 1:6 scale fashion dolls. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. This set is now sold out.