Jetta Burns


JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS can add a new band member? Oh, yeah? Well watch it; so can THE MISFITS! Introducting JETTA BURNS, the hot headed saxophonist from London, UK! Now THE MISFITSs can meet the pink haired diva and her friends toe-to-toe with more mischief and attitude than ever!

JETTA BURNS is ready to rock everyone's clock out in her signature costume which is composed of black and white stripped skinny pants, a polka-dot "pleather" over-skirt, a cow print belt and a wild-west inspired metallic snakeskin sleeveless fringed top. JETTA also includes an ultra detailed saxophone with black chrome finish, earrings, shoes and a miniature poster from her former band, The Tinkerbillys! A doll stand is included.

Ultra limited edition adult collectible 12-inch / 1:6 scale fashion doll. For adult collectors ages 14 and up only. This doll is now sold out.