Who is he kissing

Who is He Kissing Jem/Jerrica Benton Duo Set

It's not always easy to lead a double life: top music industry mogul by day and international pop-star by night! Yes, it's a little easier when you have a highly advanced computer changing your appearance at the flick of an earring, but living the life of two very distinct personalities is not easy. How are you supposed to let your boyfriend know about this fantastic secret? How do you tell him that the other woman he's strangely attracted to is also you? Who is he kissing? Based on one of the most popular looks of the original TV series, the "WHO IS HE KISSING?" Duo Set features both JEM and JERRICA BENTON wearing their corresponding version of the Flip Side fashion called "Getting Down to Business", which was sold as a stand alone costume in the original 80's toy line by HASBRO.

This set includes two complete, fully-articulated fashion dolls with rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. Both dolls come with JemStar earrings, are dressed in a complete costume with shoes, accessories and each has her own doll stand.

Ultra limited edition adult collectible 12-inch / 1:6 scale fashion doll. For adult collectors ages 14 and up only. This doll is now sold out.